Optimise Payments Collection with Automated Reminders

Activate customer payments with non-intrusive and intelligent communication solutions

Automated Payments Reminder Process Rollector

Reach. Engage. Analyze. Repeat.

Customer relationships are built on consistent and timely communication that adapts to their needs.

Rollector.ai monitors customer actions and helps you make informed decisions about how to optimise your payments communication in order to drive maximum engagement.

Automation Process Simplified

Our customer friendly no-code platform allows you to take charge and stay on top of the payments collection process as a single standalone system or by integrating with your CRM.For everything else – we are here! 

We support in strategising a smart communication flow, draft SMS copies, script the call message and record it in your preferred language.

Deploy All-in-One Omni Channel Solutions

Drive maximum ROI by deploying omni-channel collection solutions from a single platform and save significantly on redundant labour costs.

Our platform supports active collection on your behalf which drives positive financial results.

GDPR compliance and Data Security

Your data is completely safe as we are fully GDPR compliant. Maintaining strict security and privacy requirements is our top concern, and we are trusted by industry leaders with this service.

Product Features

automated payment collection process

Multi-channel Payment Reminder Campaigns

Open Interface Solutions

Collection Process Optimisation