How to reduce late payments with automated e-invoicing?

rollector.ai how to reduce late payments with automated e-invoicing

Did you know using e-invoicing for your credit collections helps to reduce late payments significantly? According to a study made by Zervant (in Finnish) – with data of over 500000 invoices – they found that 74% of B2B customers paid their dues on time if they received invoice as an e-invoice. But if the customer received the invoice via paper, only 65% of them paid on time. The same trend applies to B2C.

Here is an action list for both B2B and B2C companies to lower your late payments by 25% with e-invoicing:

For B2B:

  • Activate your e-invoicing with your service provider and invoicing platform
  • Start gathering the e-invoice details from your customers
  • Ask the current customers for the information or gather it from their website for external online services. Some invoicing platforms also offer this information automatically.

For B2C:

  • Activate your e-invoicing with your service provider and invoicing platform
  • Promote the possibility of e-invoicing for your customers via multiple channels
  • Depending on the country you do business in – you might also have a possibility to ask permission from customers to send e-invoicing activation directly to their online bank.
  • Be pro-active. Customers don’t just switch to e-invoicing even if they might like it. They need to encouraged via multiple channels and should be made aware of all the practicalities and benefits.

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