IPF Digital Case Story: Outstanding ROI achieved with Automated Payment Reminders

Key Takeaways

  • Labour saving of 95,33% per month
  • Calculative ROI ratio of over 21 achieved considering HR, labour and all channel costs


IPF Digital is part of International Personal Finance Group. They are an online credit lending company which operates in multiple markets across Europe, Australia and Mexico. Their Finnish brand Credit24 wanted to try out automated calls to enhance their payment collection and they decided to utilise Rollector.ai for it.


Credit24 was curious if a robocaller would beat outbound human customer service in making payment reminder calls. The calls were targeted for customers who had missed their due date but were still in the early stages of the payment reminder process.


Rollector.ai onboarded the organisation on using the platform and assisted them to optimise the current collection process with automated reminder calls. We designed the call flows and message recordings according to the target group. Then a small sample group of customers was chosen to receive the automated voice call instead of an outbound human call from a customer service agent. The calls were made at a similar time as regular customer service calls.

“Rollector.ai platform exceeded our expectations completely. The positive customer experience was of course a significant aspect, but what completely blew us away was the calculative return on investment ratio of over 21. Rollector.ai has become a trusted partner in accounts receivable collection for us.”

– Joel Lepistö, Operations Manager, IPF Digital Finland

With AI powered automation it is also possible to strategise the payments collection based on different customer segments and their response trends.

For IPF the cost-effectiveness in particular outperformed human callers in a big way. Most importantly, the end customers had a positive experience interacting with the robots, as it is non-intrusive and doesn’t involve the negative feelings which arise from regular human touch basing.


The trial was a great success. The calculative return on investment ratio of our mobile communication platform was over 21 considering HR, labour or other channel costs.

In addition to outstanding return on investment ratio and customer satisfaction, the labour cost savings for Credit24 were over 95 percent.

ROI by Rollector.ai

Did you know that automated payment reminders is currently the most popular way to initiate automation for your accounts receivable collection process. Are you interested to know what results you can achieve with automated omni-channel solutions for payment reminding?