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We have had the privilege of helping many industry-leading companies reach their customers more efficiently via smarter communication channels.
Customer success stories

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Meet Tuuttis - The Fastest Employee at Lähitapiola

Our automated call assistant Tuuttis together with its human counterparts, helps us look after our customers. Astonishingly fast, Tuuttis reaches out to thousands of customers in a matter of moments. This enables us to communicate important information to our customers as quickly as possible”

Jutta Joffell Lahitapiola for Rollector

– Jutta Joffell, Lähitapiola

IPF Digital Case Story:
Outstanding ROI achieved by automating payment reminders

Rollector ROI

Rollector exceeded our expectations completely. The positive customer experience was ofcourse a significant aspect, but what blew us away was the calculative return on investment ratio of over 21. Rollector has become a trusted partner in accounts receivable collection for us. 

Partiolaiset Case Story:
Calling Robots helped Finnish Scouts switch to electronic invoicing

Rollector and Mobilepay helped us operate in line with scout’s core values. We now have significant sums in billing membership fees. I couldn’t be happier with the campaign, it worked out on every level.

– Ville Jokinen, Management Coordinator