Our Story - Building More Than Just a Platform

What is Rollector.ai?

Rollector.ai in a nutshell is business process service provider which helps to automate the payment reminders in your accounts receivable collection process using AI powered Robocalls and other omni channel communication solutions. It helps finance teams and debt collection teams to actively engage in the payment collection process and keep track of their communications. Automation helps to get maximum ROI while saving costs on redundant labour, improve DSO and reduce credit risks.

Our Story

The story of Rollector can be narrated as a classic brand spin-off which resulted from years of market experience and research on different industries. 

Originally, the story began in 2013 when one of our founders Pasi Matilainen needed to conduct a poll for an NGO he was involved with. As the pricing for the poll was completely outrageous for a small organisation, Pasi decided to design and code a robocall platform by himself. The poll was conducted successfully and Pasi continued to develop the platform as a nighttime hobby.

Cut to 2017 – Pasi and our current CEO Teemu Valkonen decided to form a partnership to establish this platform into a brand which wants to help businesses by solving the problem of mass communication through a smarter automation channel like Robotisation.

Robotisation in in-person marketing is often seen as a threat, both for customers and businesses themselves. Automated marketing messages and particularly robocalls are often considered unethical and intrusive. Unfortunately, that is an ugly truth about the industry. 

So the purpose of this brand was to promote the better side of robotisation with all its beneficial use-cases when it comes to communication automation. Hence, the platform took a positive direction with the name On-Time Research Solutions. Its mission was to be more than a Robocaller – a versatile mobile communication platform.

In 2018 Jon-Erik Talvio started in the company, working in the customer interface and by 2019 Teemu stepped in as a full-time CEO. Comprehensive testing began with over 50 different user cases analysed, utilising the data from the last one million contacts the platform had conducted, all under the banner of On-Time Research Solutions. 

Finally, giving birth to Rollector.ai which was created as a result of multiple tests and was based on customer feedback and end-user satisfaction in the payments collection field. So, the focus of Rollector.ai is to add value to the Accounts Receivable side of businesses by automating the payment collection reminders. 

With the help of the automated, smart and interactive robocalling platform and omni channel communication solutions, Rollector.ai is on a mission to take forward the initial vision Pasi and Teemu had to help businesses with smarter automation. 

The payments collection industry is under exposed to the potential of automation. Therefore, with this solution Rollector.ai promises to drive payments on time, reduce debt spirals and support companies to invest time and resources into more essential tasks, as payments can be easily rolled-in with Rollector!

Our Supporters

Vesa Lehtinen, On-Time Chairman of the Board

“With his wide social network and quick wit for business opportunities, Vesa can see the big picture almost instantly, and practical difficulties are solved fast.”

–  Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Rollector.ai

Ali Omar, Finnish Business Angels Network Board Member and a Technology Freak

“Ali provides us with top expertise and experience in the management of rapidly expanding business operations. We also acquired a vast amount of industry-specific expertise for B2B SaaS business operations and in the healthcare sector, experience in the arrangement of funding required for growth, as well as direct contacts to major Finnish capital investors.”

–  Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Rollector.ai

Lennu Keinänen, an investor, an influencer and a serial entrepreneur

“Results gained through a practical approach, disruptive technology, and a huge potential market on a global level were the main reasons why Lennu decided to come aboard and support our growth at On-Time.”

Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Rollector.ai